• This tile is made of highest quality clay that is mixed with water and dried with hot air.
• The color is natural and free of artificial additives.

• The production of non-polluting, waste material is recycled. • The natural material is a healthy material, creates an optimal and comfortable climate for housing. • Natural colors create a sense of warmth and intimacy. • "Breathing" tile lets it perfectly dry. • Natural materials are long-lived. • Resistance to UV radiation (color fastness, natural look). • Resistance to acid (acid rain). • Resistance to alkalis (eg bird droppings). • High durability (eg pressure snow, hail). • Resistance to heat, non-flammability. • Resistance to change in temperature (frost, dew). Clay is a versatile • Long life, tested and confirmed lifespan is 80 to 100 years. • High-quality clay roof tiles ensure its lasting value.

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